Rodent Pest Control

Rodent means Rat and Mouse is most destructive common pest of Bangladesh. Rodent has been destroying 15 to 20% agricultural product such as Paddy, Wheat, Oilseeds, Beens etc and also destroying 5 to 7 % of industrial product of Bangladesh.

Rodents can in all likelihood:

  • Unfold illnesses. Rodents and their parasites strengthen ample feared ailments like maladies, typhus, rodent crumb agitation and acute aliment harming.
  • Contaminate sustenance. Microorganisms pervaded pee and begrimed particles attain added than artlessly break sustenance; they can approximately-face right into a clearing atom for atomic tapeworm eggs.
  • Damage acreage and quantity you cash. have to a applicant see a rat, it could aching your ballyhoo and aftereffect your enterprise. moreover, with the accommodation to chaw via dividers and wiring, rats and mice can decidedly prompt electric bonfire for your architecture – conceivably bringing approximately a huge cardinal of greenbacks in abetting damage.
  • Breed quickly. One set of mice can actualize 2 hundred breed in four months.
  • One set of mice can actualize two hundred breed in alone 4 months if larboard to their very own particular.

Care Pest Control Services Provides best pest control treatment in whole Bangladesh. We apply environment friendly ultimate rodent control technologies.

Care Pest Control Services Rodent Control Treatment Methods check bellow:

  • Rodent Glue Board Trad
  • Rodent Metal Trap
  • Rodent Dry Fish Trap
  • Rodent Food Trap
  • Aluminium Phosphide Treatment

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