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Termite Control Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Termite is a small insects what we can see everywhere where wood and furniture are exist. This insects are also the most painful and suffering pest for us. We become suffer and sometime this termite damage our rich table ,chair, furniture, bed, and many thing.

Termites are basically wood eaters. Termite can eat wood and they can damage our house all rich furniture and books and all types of wooden structures. You can see three different of woods in the world specially in Bangladesh.

There is following termite are exist in Bangladesh also in all over the world.

  1. Drywood
  2. Subterranean
  3. Damp wood

These 3 type of termite have different type of behaviors habitats, specific control and measures are used for each type of termite

Dry wood termite

Basically in Bangladesh you can find many sizes of Drywood  on their caste. They are typically three to eight inch long. Most of the female and male termite different are one-half of an inch long.

A drywood termite are basically pale brown color. Sometimes it can be dark brown color, light, yellowish-tan. Dry wood termite are organized in a caste system. Once the leader of dry wood termite find a good spot for making a colony she choose male and begins laying eggs. When dry wood termite comes from the eggs then they join with other member for collecting foods.


procreative termites can grow wings, swarm and blast off to make new colonies. Soldier termites defend the established colony from ants,.

Like different species of termites, this dry wood termite species fare incredible, that is found in wood and different plants.  they're found in homes, fences and trees. However, dry wood termites eat across the grain that destroys each the soft springwood growth and also the more type of  woods.

They are the most painful and bad insects for us. Who are eat our wood and wasting our all kind of furniture and wood products. so we have to take step to remove and control these kind of insects.

Subterranean termite

This subterranean termite are brownish to black in color, regarding ¼ to ½ in. long with 2 pairs of wings that square measure terribly about to being equal long.

Workers subterranean termite: No wings, regarding ¼ in. or less long and cream colored.

Soldiers subterranean termite: No wings, massive mandibles (jaws), white ant colony defenders, square measure creamy-white in color, however their head is commonly chromatic in color.

Since subterranean termites build their nests in underground, broken wood sometimes they are create their home of soil or mud inside the tunnels of the wood. Since subterranean termites solely eat the softwood, broken wood seems to be stratified.

This subterranean termite are also the most painful insects for us you can find also some other termite in Bangladesh they are also waste our many wood products and give waste many thing we should remove and control this subterranean termite from our home by own or we should call an expert who are providing the best service for remove termite from our house.

So here I will tell you about the best termite control service company in Dhaka Bangladesh. Who are providing the best services in all over the Dhaka city. You can find many pest control service company in Dhaka but all of them are not proving the best pest control service and they demand huge amount of money from you. That’s why you have to take this pest control service from the best company in Dhaka. Who offer the best guaranteed service and obviously for the best cheap price.

Best termite control Service Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

Carepestbd is the best termite control service company in the Dhaka Bangladesh. We are providing our pest control services for more than 5 years in all over the Dhaka city. We are providing our services everywhere in Dhaka city. If you in your house have huge amount of termite and if you have need to remove and control termite from your home then you can call us. We will arrive at your home in a hour. We have a huge experienced pest remove and control expert team. Who will be working for remove all of the termite from your house. We are using special medicine and our special tools to remove and control all of the termite. We are the only one pest remove and control Service Company in Bangladesh who are providing this service with 100% guaranteed. We have huge satisfied client who have already taking our services. One of the most helpful thing you will get from us. That is we will offer the best cheap price for remove all of the pest from your house. What can’t offer other pest control service company in Dhaka? So if in your house have huge amount of termite and you can’t tolerate this termite pain then just call us we will remove all of the termite from your home.

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